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Bites & Walks
Antwerp food tour

Secret Supper

(Monday to Friday )

Bites & Walks connects with people from far away but also from very close. We explore, we give opinions, we love and we respect. Food is always on our mind, Antwerp city is our homebase and for many centuries Antwerp rules the international food market. Eating with purpose, understanding where our products come from, who made and prepared them and bringing everything together makes us very happy!

This tour is perfect way to connect with your loved ones! Whether you like to go out in a small group, as a family, close friends, a special celebration or a teambuilding. This Secret Supper will strengthen your tires evenmore.

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Secret Supper

(Monday to Friday)

What to expect

  • You will be guided by Nina Laviana a passionate creative food soul

  • You will take a beautiful walk through the streets of Antwerp and learn more about our food culture, our way of living

  • You will taste local bites and drinks

  • You will enjoy a typical Antwerp meal and drinks in a great setting

  • You will socialize with other food souls and make new friends

  • You will get to know Antwerp as if you are a local!

  • Close this exceptional evening in a unique way

When: Monday to Saturday

Duration: 4hr

Where: City center old part, walk through small streets and squares

Meeting point: Groenplaats at the kiosk, find out direction here

Price: €89

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