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Hotel Julien

You will be surprised what is behind the facade of the big grey house in the Korte Nieuwstraat. You wouldn’t walk this pavement if you don’t need to be there. Well surprise, this is my favorite place to sleep in the city centre!

Situated in the middle of Antwerp, this small boutique hotel probably is one of the best stays in Antwerp.

The interior is timeless and leaves a deep impression when you walk in. The lights are bright but also very subtle, the furniture is a mixture of vintage, classic and modern … it is everlasting.

Okay, I admit, I am somewhat influenced by my years of collaboration with hotel Julien. A very diverse job where I managed the food and beverage as a breakfast teamleader and also as a chef. I was very passionate about my work and extremely proud that I have been able to cook and serve beautiful food for amazing people, among them were many international great artists, actors and actresses, photographers, fashion designers but most of all people just like you and me, foodlovers!